Contested divorce in south carolina

Contested Divorce in North Carolina

Once the case is filed, the other spouse is personally served with a certified copy of the Summons and Complaint. In an action for divorce only, there is one hearing, a final divorce hearing.

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This hearing is scheduled for 15 minutes, and is purely to determine whether the requirements for divorce on the ground requested have been met. A third party witness is required to corroborate the testimony of the party claiming that the grounds for divorce have been met. This information was prepared to give you some general information on the law. It is not intended as legal advice about any particular problem.

If you have questions about the law you should consult a lawyer. The number is in Richland or Lexington Counties, and from other parts of the state.

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  • Contested Divorce!

There are many South Carolina divorce laws. Generally speaking, divorces can be granted on the no-fault basis of one year continuous separation or on the fault grounds of adultery, habitual drunkenness, physical cruelty, and desertion for a period of one year which is not really used anymore. Separation is the period after the parties separate, but before a divorce is granted.

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There may be a temporary order or an order of separate maintenance and support issued by the court to determine issues prior to the parties being eligible for a divorce. Mediation is required for a divorce if any issues are contested. If the parties cannot agree on what should happen, they must attend at least three hours of mediation.

The fault grounds for divorce in South Carolina are adultery, habitual drunkenness, physical cruelty, and desertion for a period of one year which is not really used anymore. The only no-fault ground for divorce in South Carolina is one year continuous separation. It depends on how much time you need. An uncontested divorce hearing usually takes fifteen 15 minutes and is usually scheduled within a few weeks of a party requesting a final hearing. That is, the date of the divorce hearing will be a few weeks out from the request for hearing being filed. A contested divorce hearing may take days or weeks, and it will be scheduled further out. I recommend hiring a divorce attorney. There are many issues that a person may not realize are issues. It is important to know what your rights are, even if you choose not to exercise them.

If you are contemplating a divorce you are sure to have at least a few questions about the journey ahead.

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Making an informed decision is key. If you have questions about divorce or are looking for a family law attorney in Summerville, South Carolina give me a call at What do I do after being served with divorce papers? Is there a separate divorce court in SC? Is a divorce public record? Is there a form to file for a divorce? How do I get a divorce?

Uncontested Divorce in South Carolina

What is the difference between annulment vs divorce? How much does a divorce cost? Is divorce counseling required? What is a divorce settlement? How does divorce and remarriage work?

How to File for No Fault Divorce in South Carolina - State Requirements and Documents

How long do divorce proceedings take? What is a divorce settlement agreement? How does alimony work after divorce? What are the SC divorce laws? What is the difference between divorce vs separation? A divorce ends the marriage. Parties are free to remarry after a divorce.

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Is arbitration or mediation required for a divorce? What is the filing fee for a divorce? What are the grounds for divorce? Can you get a divorce without going to court?

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Contact Our Experienced South Carolina Family Law and Divorce Attorney If you or someone you care about is going through a divorce, contact our experienced South Carolina family law and divorce attorney today. Search Term. My children went to NM to stay with their dad for awhile. And request sole custody for him since he isnt biologically his? This cause for divorce is rarely used in modern instances. After you have served your spouse, count ahead 35 days on the calendar do not count the day your spouse was served and mark the date.

You cannot get a divorce without going to court. How long does it take to get a divorce hearing? Do I need a divorce lawyer? Do you have questions about divorce in SC?

Understanding Alimony in South Carolina.

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